Planning for Operations Methodology Refinement and Burleigh Area Study, City of Gold Coast, 2019


Integrate was engaged to undertake a Planning for Operations (P4O) study with two main objectives:

  • To develop a practical and affordable planning for (multimodal) operations      methodology that the City can apply to various study areas; 
  • To test the effectiveness  of the approach by applying it to the Burleigh area.

Integrate undertook a review of the existing P4O framework previously used in a Southport study, in the context of the City’s existing multimodal plans. The methodology is based on sound land use/ transport planning principles, providing sufficient rigour to produce sustainable and justifiable recommendations, in a cost effective way. It takes a holistic view of the study area, looking to provide connectivity for each mode across the designated priority routes, and seeks to identify and remedy infrastructure and operational issues. ITS treatments and other non-technology solutions are recommended, with a focus on efficiency.
The study makes a number of recommendations including enhancement of the City’s GIS data to incorporate a database of planned operational and infrastructure treatments, and provides a simplified P4O checklist for future implementation of the methodology.
The project provides potential to roll out P4O across the City's network as a valuable tool supporting transport and operational planning for the City.
Image Source: City of Gold Coast 


Network Intelligence and Transport Systems Plan (ITS Strategy), City of Gold Coast, 2018


Integrate was commissioned by the City of Gold Coast (the City) to develop an ITS Strategy, and to provide support as part of the Network Intelligence team during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. The successful operation of the multi-modal transport network during the Games resulted in evolution of the ITS strategy into a Network Intelligence and Transport Systems (NITS) Plan. 

The NITS Plan’s focus is on delivering connected and intelligent transport operations on the Gold Coast through delivering on four pillars: 

  • Network Optimisation; 
  • Data Analysis and Reporting; 
  • Transport Systems & Technologies; and 
  • User Experience & Traveller Information.  

The plan provides an ITS primer and defines a series of treatment levels appropriate for an arterial environment. The current local and international situation is reviewed, along with the City’s strategic context. Various, largely consistent, ITS architectures were reviewed and the Australian National ITS Architecture was compared with the NITS framework. User Types were defined and a Needs Assessment was developed based on the City’s multimodal plans. From this, a requirements traceability matrix was developed for future mapping against delivered systems. 

The report includes NITS program governance recommendations and Terms of Reference; detailed delivery programs for FY 2019 and 2020 and a series of recommendations and key areas for delivery for a 10 year period, aiming at early and effective wins. Another useful output of the project was a collection of aggregated map data that allows the City to view its existing ITS infrastructure for planning purposes. 

Image Source: City of Gold Coast

ITS Future Transport Disruptors: Legislation and Policy Review, City of Gold Coast (CGC), 2019



Integrate was commissioned to undertake reviews of the current and planned legislation; guidelines and standards; and policy in relation to four key transportation disruptors: 

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS); and 
  • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)

As technology evolves, transport and the wider city infrastructure will become more intelligent and connected. To ensure the City is prepared to manage these disruptors, there is a need to understand the supporting legislative, regulatory and policy framework in which the City will be required to operate. 

Integrate produced a technology timeline and four reports which provide a series of recommendations which will help the City to be prepared and positioned to achieve the best possible outcomes for its residents. 


 Image Source: City of Gold Coast